Finally get the formula for brand consistency

That beautiful logo and brand you paid for? You were probably really satisfied with it when you got it back from your designer. But since then...well, things have been a little rocky. All you want is some consistency, dangit, and that “style guide” with a list of colors and fonts just isn’t cut out for the volume of content you’re producing anymore.

You know there’s a magic formula for making your business look cohesive, but you have no idea what ingredients are involved.

Start feeling confident

that when customers find you online, they’re getting the best representation of your business and what it can do.

You tried hiring that super-fancy brand designer

but you felt lost as soon as the process was over

You’ve tried hiring graphic designers to give you templates and pieces that will make you feel consistent and branded, but you were left with an even bigger mess than before.

The truth is, the entire time you thought you paid for “branding,” all you were getting was basic ingredients, but no formula for mixing up your perfect solution. It’s not your fault — designers tell you that branding is just a list of fonts and colors. But it’s so much more than that!

A jam-packed do-it-yourself workshop to create a formula for all your design decisions.

(So you can nix the doubt and insecurities and get back to running your business.)

How does it work?

  • STEP 1

    You’ll get access to my scientific method for creating a thorough and balanced brand style where I walk you through how to make decisions and create go-to formulas for the future.

  • STEP 2

    You’ll do the work alongside me, experimenting with your formula and plugging in your answers to a style guide template I provide for you.

  • STEP 3

    Boo-yah! You’re ready to show off that sizzling new brand to the world and start implementing your formula in everything from Facebook ads to Instagram posts to newsletter opt-ins.

What You'll Get

8 Video Training Sessions | Nicole will walk you through each component of your brand formula, plus share her screen with you to demonstrate how she experiments to get the perfect formula.

Style guide template | Download the step-by-step template (available in Adobe Illustator or Canva) that will guide you through creating your own brand style guide with clear rules for using your logo, colors, fonts, photography, and graphics together.

Downloadable "Lab Notes" Worksheets | Make sure you don't miss a thing when you follow the worksheets and checklists for each section. These will guide your brainstorming, get to the heart of your style, and lead you through adding to your style guide template.

Branding questionnaire | My tried-and-true questionnaire will help you get to the heart of your brand's purpose, your client's aspirations and desires, and the magic keywords that will guide your branding process.


worth over $250!

The Graphics & Icon Library | Over 60 icons and decorativ